5 Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Hey people, I’m back with my new post! As part of our passion for healthy lifestyle, let’s touch on a very popular activity that almost everyone (especially women!) are doing! It is yoga! If you’ve been doing yoga for sometimes, I’m sure you’ve experienced quite a number of health benefits that come with it. If you’re new, then this article is definitely for you!

yoga instructor

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner of Yoga, there are many different health benefits you will receive. Different styles of Yoga have different health benefits ranging from improving stamina, building strength and reducing stress. One definite and obvious benefit will be the improvement in flexibility after a regular practice. In the long run, we see an increase in lung capacity which helps us to breathe better, anti-aging effects on the muscles and joints and more.

So before you go ahead and look for a Singapore yoga instructor for lessons, find out what are the 5 most common health benefits for practicing yoga.

Regular Yoga Practice Improves Stamina

Certain types of yoga practiced will improve stamina and fitness. The fundamental of having good stamina is having endurance. Essentially, endurance is ‘the ability to preserve’. Endurance can be applicable on different levels such as physically and mentally. It works directly with the cardiovascular, respiratory, heart, metabolism, stress and fatigue you experience. One of the reasons for fast fatigue is due to the lack of oxygen delivered to the body which reduces the energy produced that is needed for all daily activities.

Yoga is an aerobic exercise that focuses on the use of deep breathing during workout and this in turn, delivers more oxygen to the body. With regular practice, the lung capacity is increased and this improves respiratory system. Naturally, there will be an increase oxygen intake during our daily lives and this improved in physical and mental stamina. Thus, reducing fatigue not only during workouts but also during our daily activities.

Most Obvious Benefit is Flexibility

Improving flexibility is one of the benefits from a regular yoga practice. The muscles in our entire body are connected, an example will be if we have tight hamstrings, we might have lesser flexibility in our spine as well and tight hips also affects the knee joints. A well balanced yoga class awakens and stretches the entire body’s muscles.



You may always feel that it seems like a painful and long journey to finally be able to touch your toes one day. If the practice includes regular back bends, it will assist to loosen up the hamstrings as well. Over time, as we practice yoga regularly, it loosens muscles tightness and increases flexibility.

Practicing Many Yoga Poses Help to Achieve Better Posture

We often spend most of our time sitting due to our usual desk bound jobs. This has led to many of us slumping over in our chairs over time. This poor posture that we get in will also lead to many joint and back ache issues. A regular yoga practice strengthens the core and lengthens the spine.

It also relaxes the shoulders and opens the chest. Basic poses like Cobra and Locust help in activating the spine and opening the chest. More intermediate poses like the Revolved Triangle creates such a deep stretch not only in the hamstrings but forces us to twist from the lower spine and opening the chest.

This pose adjusts our spinal alignments and really helps with Kyphosis condition.

It Helps with Strength Training Too

Be surprised with how much yoga strengthens the body. Regular practice lets you gain long and lean muscles. A dynamic flow sequence such as Hatha Flow or Vinyasa Flow builds strength within the body and greatly improves stamina as well. Think sun salutation with lots of chaturanga (low plank), up ward dog and down ward dog. These poses require the arms and core to support the weight of the entire body.

Both dynamic movements of transitioning poses or holding the pose itself build strength and stamina over time. Progressing into intermediate poses such as balancing hand stands, hand stands, head stands and forearm stands is a great challenge that requires strength and flexibility.

Reduce Stress Instantly


Pranayama (breathing) exercises when practiced on a deeper level reduce great amount of stress in our bodies and minds. Taking conscious deep breaths delivers more oxygen to our brains and increases our lung capacity. When the mind concentrates on a single subject, we free the mind from distractions and noises. On a daily basis, we’re expected to be multi-tasking on our jobs or even rushing on our day-to-day activities. Pranayama frees the mind and improves our focus. A single session of deep breathing meditation reduces the stress level instantly.

If you’re a beginner and do not feel like you’ve received these benefits, do not be disheartened. Yoga in a journey, live in the moment and enjoy it. It teaches us more about our body and lets us feel the conditions of our body. Appreciate that you may not be able to touch your toes or do a deeper back bend at the moment but you’re working on it. Cultivate gratitude that you’re taking the effort to improve and facing integrity. In time to come, you will experience the benefits of yoga unknowingly.

Keep practicing.


Do You Still Love Running Marathons? This Image Will Change Your Mind Forever…

I used to love running marathons. Who doesn’t? My friends used to laugh at me for being fat and weak. Yea, FAT. Like the fattest girl in class. And coincidentally, fat = lazy. I’m not sure how this equates, but it doesn’t seems to make me love my classmates.

So when I grow up, I aim to become a healthier and nice looking person. Maybe with the help of society, health means slim. health means muscles. health means pretty! That change my mind and encourage me to go all out to lose those fats!

And my first friend recommend me to go running. Running is probably the first thing to do to burn those fats. Running may be easy for you, but its not easy for someone who weighs 100kg. (alright, I revealed my weight!) . The more I run, the more fats I lose. After a year of running, I kind of like running.

Now, came the next challenge. Instead of just running to lose weight, I want to run for a goal. To complete a marathon! Of course, I’m not running it myself. I have my friend who is running with me too.

The first marathon I run is 6km. It is not competitive. And I’m glad I finish it!

The happiest thing is also to collect a winner’s medal! Wow! That’s a big achievement for a fat girl who weighs 100 kg before!

marathon-compelteThis gives me the motivation to go for longer distance.

I went for 10km next. As you know, there are marathons around the year, and people love to sign up for it. Doesn’t matter you can run or not. As long as you complete it, even by walking, it is still an achievement. So I signed up for 10km.

I complete it too! I remember I did it in 1 hour 30 minutes. Not sure if it’s a good time, but i did it without stopping or resting. That means I run the whole 10km race non-stop!

So what’s next?!?!

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The day I know how important a actual day wedding photographer is…

Let’s take a break of talking about the old topics. Let’s talk about some Happy here!

If you haven’t know, I’ve just went for my sister’s wedding dinner. Wow. It was fantastic. Okay. It was my sister’s wedding, and of course, I’m so happy that she finally got married! It has been so long that she wanted a man who loves her. So after like a GAZILLION years… she got the man of her life, and I’m really happy for her!

But what also impresses me is the overall planning of the wedding. As you know, my sister is not young like those 20-plus girls who want a fairy-tale/princess type of wedding. Anyway, I won’t reveal her age here on my blog, but I can say, she is not that young. But what she really wants, is a meaningful and memorable event. Not lavish by spending hundreds of thousands. Just a meaningful one that gets everyone close to her to come together to celebrate.

And I can tell you, she planned everything herself. okay, maybe not 100%. We, the siblings and the relatives also help her. But she did all the planning. She is clear what she wants. She knows who to hire for photography. She knows the theme of the wedding dinner. She knows how to treat all her guests well.


Just a simple thought – I may want my sister to plan my wedding. :P That’s a side story.

My sister has a friend who worked as a photographer. He does actual wedding day photography for wedding day event. Anyway, that’s his website if you want to check out first. Yes, he is awesome is taking all the shoots of the wedding day. Previously, I thought a small wedding like my sister’s can just get any good friend to be a photographer for that night. You know, that kind of give them a good-enough camera and get them to help you shoot photos wherever the wedding couple go.

However, I think that’s the worse idea ever. No friends want to work for free, plus no friends can continue to take photos for you for the Entire Night! Crazy right, they come for wedding dinner, and you ask them to be your wedding day photographer for free (or a small fee).

But that day, I’m quite impressed with the works of TJ (the photographer from ThatPhotographer.sg). He is quick and skilled. You may thought that he is not around when the best moments of the wedding took place (like couple kissing, exchanging rings, KISS!)… but i’m wrong!  Just because I didn’t see him, doesn’t mean he is not around. He is at the back of the stage taking the best shot!

I’m at the front of the stage, and I can tell you, taking the photo of the KISSING is the most important, but yet most difficult one. Everyone is fighting for that shot. But the smart TJ, got the best shot, and I don’t know how he did it. But he did it, and that’s why my sis paid for his service.

So after today, then I really know how important it is to get a really good wedding photographer. I guess my sister is now glimmering with joy with that KISSING photo hanging big in her room. Sorry, I can’t show it here on my blog also, or my sister gonna kill me. But I can say that’s her favorite shot of the night, if not she won’t spend a few thousand dollars more to print it BIG, and FRAME it up!

That said, if you really want to capture the best moments of your wedding day, please don’t get your friend. I mean, don’t ask for free labor from your friend. Get a good photographer, like TJ from ThatPhotographer.SG – Actual Day Wedding Photography to do it for you!

Anyway, to sum it up, this post is more than just about the photography. I also want to say true love does exist in this world. If not my sister would still be … :P.

Alright, thanks for reading. wait for my next post!

Building Healthy Relationships In The Work Place

Building strong relationships in the work place is very important. Many people thought that the workplace is just a place for work and nothing else. They thought that everything about work should be done in the office, and only when there is time after work, then relationships come into place. This is soooooo wrong!

I used to be like this person. But something happened and changed my thinking.
I went for a team building program in Singapore and was trained by a really good trainer. He facilitated the whole program well and opened up many relationships with my colleagues. Mind you, I hardly talk to my colleagues, because to me, they are just people I go for work. They are not really my friends. Alright ‘friends’ in work. That’s all.

However, in the program, the trainer emphasize how important healthy relationships is in the workplace. Good relationships with people reduces friction, and makes things easier to do. Anything that is complex, and be solved by a good friend and good help. With someone who is on good terms with you, will also make you feel happier and better at work.

After this program, I realized how much I have been missing in my workplace. My other colleagues are always getting well with one another, but for me, I’m always alone. Once work has ended, I just pack up and leave for home. Everything is the same tomorrow, the next day.

Until now, then I know how great it is to have healthy and strong relationships.



I’m feeling so happy at work right now. I’m like smiling to work everyday, because I know I have friends at work. Even when my work has ended, and I’m leaving the office late, I have friends who will buy dinner for me, or even wait for me to end work and go back together. This feeling is too awesome.

If you read the previous article on having a good team, then I must have I indeed has a good team in my workplace! The people who organizes teambuilding program that time is TeamTrainingSingapore.com . I can guarantee you it is really fun, and help many people like me to get along in the workplace!

Scoring As in Your IP Mathematics. Let Brain Matter Helps You

Mathematics is one of the subjects that is loved by students, but is also one of the most hated ones. Students who have difficulty scoring high marks in mathematics never like maths. However, we know we all have to do maths in school!

If you’re currently struggling in your IP/IB Math, you may want to consider receiving help for your subjects. These are important subjects that cannot be neglected or ‘dropped’ just like that. Doing your math well will go a long way in helping you to enter any schools and subjects in the future.

IP/IB Math Tuition in Singapore can help you to challenge your math problem solving skills and help you to think faster, which makes math problems so much easy. Start receiving help today to get yourself back on track with your peers who are ahead of you.

You can check out Brain Matter: IP Math Tuition in Bishan and their experienced tutors can help you with your IP Tuition needs. Check out their website at www.BrainMatter.com.sg



Use Hostgator Coupon Codes for your new health site!

After sharing information on health and wellness on my blog, there are many people who feedback to me that they love my content so much that they are inspired to share their own health results and achievements to inspire many more others to live healthily too!

When I heard it, it’s awesome! But how can they build a website first?

If you are considering to build a website, I can recommend you go to Hostgator right away. Plus, use the hostgator coupon codes provided to start your hosting plan. This is how I start my first ever site, and I’m even using it for my other 20 sites too.

Domain name wise, you can either use Godaddy, or just simply get it at the same place- hostgator too. I have no preference about the purchase of domain name, but I will use hostgator for my hosting. The coupon codes provided will help you save about 25% of your hosting bill. That can be quite a lot in the long run.

Once the domain name and hosting is up, then you can go to start your new blog post about your health. Start by sharing all the health info that you have accumulated for the past years and that have been working well on you. That will benefit your audience who came to visit your site!

All the best to all who are building their health sites! To get the latest hostgator promo code , go to www.TheDealzOn.com .

Piano Lessons Singapore for Healthy Minds?

As we talk about health, it is always important that we must consider all aspects of health, and not just our physical health. One aspect of our health which is usually neglected is our mental health. Healthy minds are good for the entire person as it allows them to think and analyze every day’s decision. So how can we improve our mental health, to have healthy minds everyday?

Music is considered a good way to improve our minds. Piano lessons for adult beginners, for once, is a way to get your minds to work! As you know Singapore is quite a stressful place, and people are working long hours everyday. No doubt about that, but this little country of people are going to work more hours than ‘already-stressed’ countries like Japan and South Korea.

Many people are heading for therapy lessons to ease their minds after a day work. Some consider piano lessons, so they can learn a skill which help them to play good music to relax themselves. Most of them are adults who attended the classes after a stressful day at work. They want to learn something that can help them de-stress from the huge workload daily.

How about piano lessons for kids?

piano lessons singapore

Some research has also shown that kids who learn music at a young age, such as 4 years old, will tend to help to develop their minds and help them grow up with better brain power. Thus, is also helps them to become better learners in school, and able to score higher in subjects such as mathematics and sciences.

Also you know, most parents want their kids to score well in Singapore exams, and be among the top students in school. That’s why piano lessons in Singapore is also very high in demand.

So what are you waiting for? Consider piano lessons for adults in singapore at ValerieChan.net today!

Team Building Singapore : Helping healthy relationships in workplace?

team building Singapore

Healthy relations in workplace. Does team building helps?

Healthy relationships in the workplace is really important. It not only helps the whole company of staff to work together, it also helps to get people together, in a case of crisis. However, it is often easier said than done so. Many corporations hope to create a culture of healthy relationships, friendly workplace with people working with each other, but this is just an ideal dream to some bosses.

To solve this problem, many mangers and superiors engage in Team Building activities to get their people come together, know each other better, have fun, and hopefully build strong bonds for better collaborations in the work place. Just in Singapore, there are many team building Singapore companies offering solutions to corporations to help people work better in teams.

Team building events do help staff to come together to understand each other differences. Some companies also enroll their staff  in disc profiling workshop in Singapore. This will help them to discover personalities of their colleagues, and furthermore understand each other better. This thus helps to build healthy relations in the workplace!

However, do note that not all team building programs are the same. Many programs are out there to create fun and enjoyment, but the sad truth is that people are JUST THERE to have fun. Nothing changes, and people are back to normal in their workplace, and past relationships remain sour. People do not work in teams even after the fun.

The real deal comes when the programs is able to shift people’s mindsets can create change in their lives. The trainer must be able to stir the desires of the staff, and help them see that there are great benefits in front of them from collaboration and helping one another out. Hence, the games played in the midst of all the fun, must be directed to instill all these principles of team work and collaboration, instead of just sweating out in the sun.

If you are serious to create a healthy environment in your workplace with people helping each other, looking out for one another and creating collaborations across departments, then get the right training and team building programs with the experience to do so!

Joining The New Condo Launch? Read This First!

No doubt. Singapore has a vibrant and active property market. Every now and then you will see new condo launch here in this tiny country of just 5 million people. The country leaders have also been filling lands to make this country bigger so to accommodate more people.

More people are coming into the country, more properties has to be built! With Singapore’s hot property market at such a high price, is it the time to buy a property? With so many condo launches during this “hot money” period when the interest rate is super low, is it a good time to jump on the bandwagon and get yourself a new property?

There are many questions to be asked before anyone want to jump into the property market. This same goes for the new property launch which maybe just right at your town.  You can buy the property either for your own stay, or your investment. But before you get sold by the marketing agency for the launch, it is always wise to ask yourself good questions.

Am I able to finance the new condo?

Before thinking about how much resale value or rental yields you can get from buying the condo, think if you are able to finance the new condo, even when there is no rental yields for your condo.

Do you really need to buy now?

With the government coming up with so many cooling measures to make it more difficult for people to buy new condo properties for investment, all these extra costs are eating into your profits. That said, you may not be making much money in real terms after all! Can you wait for the price to come down before you enter again?

These 2 simple rules are actually enough to help you decide if you should join the latest condo launch in Singapore. Do think carefully before you jump in!

new condo launch singapore


Nice condo? Yea. Do your research and ask critical questions first!

Where to learn how to play violin?

how to play violin Learning how to play violin is one of the dreams of many people in the world. Many people love its music, and hope to be able to play it one day. However, when people really take up the violin and play it, they feel that it is totally a different thing. It is so difficult! Oh, is playing the violin that difficult? If you are hoping to learn the violin, then I have good news for you!

You can learn how to play the violin easily!

There are many ways you can learn to play the string instrument. The most traditional way is of course to go for music classes, and learn from the teacher directly. I know I know. You may want to try out violin lessons first, before committing to a lesson. You want to try out the violin and see how it sounds like, and if you are fit for it, before spending money on lessons.

If that’s the case, here’s what you can do to learn violin by yourself first.

1. The Internet!

The internet is where all the information are! You can find free videos and tutorials by experienced violin teachers online who show you how to hold, how to play, and how to even manage your first song on the violin. This is free, and you just have to search for it. This is not the best way to learn, but it can be one way for you to try out first.

To find out more about violin news and violin education, visit www.ViolinMusicSchool.net for more info!

2. Friends!

If you love the violin, you’re quite sure there are people around you who like the violin too. And that’s not all, there are also friends who can play the violin well too! So once you get your violin, let your music friends know. Let them know that you’re interested to learn from them. They are happy to teach you how to play! Of course, this is free, but you can give them a treat to thank them!

3. Buy books to learn

However, this is the worst way to learn. Playing the violin is like swimming. You cannot learn the swimming just by reading. You have to go out and really take the chance to play it. Books may show you instructions, but you may learn slowly. But if you’re looking for low-costs ways to learn, then books is where you can start.

So where to start your first lesson? It is up to you, and of course, explore all the options you have to see which is best for you!

How to be healthy all the time

stay healthy all the timeHealth is one of the most precious asset for our life. There’s a common saying that goes, “Health is Wealth!” Yes! If you lose your health, you lose your health! When you lose your health, you lose your energy to work, you lose your energy to think and strategize. What’s more, you have to pay for medical advice to get medical treatment to get back your health!

Many people thought health is a given. They should be granted with great health the day they are born. True to a certain extent, but due to the surroundings, we can fall sick easily from any bacteria attacks. To maintain great health, we have to put in effort to make sure we stay healthy, all the time!

Here’s the trick to stay health. There are no big secrets that other people are selling you. Just two things you have to concentrate on.

Diet and Exercise.

Diet is about what you eat, and exercise is about your daily movement everyday to keep you moving and build your immune system to defend against any illness attacks. I’m sure you know that! Many people know these 2 things. But the problem is…

Many people only focus on the Exercise! They thought that just by exercising regularly, they will be healthy. However, after their exercise, they went on to eat whatever they want to eat, including many unhealthy and oily foods! That’s not about healthy lifestyle!

If you want to be healthy ALL THE TIME, remember, it’s about your exercise, plus your diet.

Watch what you eat at all TIMES!